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tv   News Channel 3 News at Noon  CBS  February 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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yes. insurance card. can't find you in the system. no, i--i'm in there. wait a sec. d-e-r-z-m-o-n-d. are you still on foxborough drive? everything is still the same. sign here. here you go. thank you. oh! he's back. he found me again. fear is the weapon. if his target is afraid and affected, then he's won. again, myself and ssa hotchner are available to any of you should you need us.
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is in the packet you received. and trust your instincts and experience. they're the best tools you have. thank you. eve alexander, suffolk county district attorney. ssa hotchner. this is ssa rossi. i know. big fan of your books. and i followed your work as a federal prosecutor. so you didn't come herefor the terrorism seminar. no. two days ago, a woman named audrey henson did this to her husband of 20 years while he was sleeping. she confessed while sitting next to the body at the crime scene and repeated her confession to me at the lockup. care to guess what her lawyer's already working on for the defense? battered woman syndrome. after years of systematic abuse, his client sdenly had no option left to her but a 12-gauge. and yet there's never been a domestic violence report filed from that home. not a single medical record documenting injury. and not one witness who can say they ever saw or even suspected abuse. so what do you need from us? i think i can win this case anyway, but...
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proving a negative, that something didn't happen, is always a long shot. yes, but you can show she doesn't fit thprofile of a battered woman. what if she isn't...lying? that's not gonna be a problem. her husband can't defend himself from what she's saying about him any more than he could against the shotgun. doesn't that bother anyone? will she talk to us? has she waived her rights? her attorney's already agreed to let her. he practically sists on it. claims she's got nothing to hide. well, i can't promise that what we'll find is gonna help your case. let me worry about that. you done? almost. it's pretty powful, right? whoo. i can see why you'd meet with her. your 10:30's here. ok. just give me one minute. hi. uh, i'm keri derzmond. hi. agent jareau. this is... emily prentiss. i'm sorry to rush in,
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i could barely sleep last night. but that's nothing new. i haven't been able to sleep for about 2 years. we read the letter you wrote to the silver spring police. begging and pleading wasn't getting their attention. they needed to know i wasn't going away. so you've been getting these notes for the past 2 years? i used to ben atlanta. i moved here 6 months ago, and then out of nowhere another note. i can't live like this anymore. i want my life back. what did the police tell you? the detective i met with was... very sympathetic, but his hands are tied unless something happens to me. then it will be too late. will you help me? i'm presenting the case to our team this morning. i'll l you know what we decide. lou evans, ed derzmond, and ryan scott. excuse me?
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where's mom and dad? hotch and rossi are still at the seminar in boston. we shouldn't wait on this. jj pulled men early. i agree.
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2 years ago in atlanta she started receiving anonymous notes that meticulously described her whereabouts throughout the day. local authorities ver found out who was responsible. recently, she moved to myland, brought the stalker with her. they think it's the same person? he includes photographs of himself. none of his face. that's very telling. he's either tryingto protect his identity or he has self-image issues. he's controlling the parts of his body that he shows toer. he writes to keri in these letters about their "future" together-- having kids, growing old. he believes keri is in love with him and just doesn't know it yet. ok, so the guy's clearly delusional, but at makes this a bau case? he is so obsessed that he tracked her over 600 miles away. that is unusual. typically, a stalker will change his focus to another woman the object of his affection moves away. i mean, i get that, and he's way past the first level of escalation, but... still. when keri received the first letter in maryland,
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they told her they couldn't help her. this woman is in serious danger. this case is in my hands now, and if we do nothing and something happens to her... i'll be the one notifying her family. ok. prentiss: author christian nestell bovee once wrote, "no man is happy without a delusion of some kind. delusions are as necessary to our happiness as realities." nothing at all? garcia: no, sir. there's no driver's license, no passport, no bank account. it's not evenointly held. her name's not on their plastic, their checks, their mortgage, their car titles. nothing, nothing, nothing. aside from a birth certificate and a marriage license, there's no actual record that audrey henson even exists.
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it looks like they've lived in that house their whole married life. and we're certain there are no medical records that point to a history of abuse? actually, sir, there's no medical record at all beyond the birth of their second child nathan. what about life insurance? any assets? any financial motive for audrey to kill her husband. no. i mean, there's insurance, but mrs. henson isn't the beneficiary of any of the policies. she's not? sarah, their 19-year-old daughter, is. thanks. so we can use this area until something bigger comes along. i set it up just like agent jareau requested. is she coming, by the way? she and another agent are at keri's office. aren't you guys a little overqualified for this case? i mean, this guy's no serial killer. we construct behavioral profiles for a variety of investigative scenarios. that includes stalking. we've seen this kind of thi before,
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hey, i wanted to help this girl the day she came in. i just--i didn't have the manpower. listen, we understand what it's like to shorthanded. we're just here to help. look, don't get me wrong. i got a sister keri's age, and if some guy was doing this to her and i got my hands on him... i'd probably get thrown off the force. you and me both. what was tt? bureaucratic red tape. every case we take, i have to explain why in terms of cost and size relative to the bau. they don't always think it's worth it. they do have 4 agents doing the work that locals should. just because there isn't a dead body doesn't mean we shouldn't take the case. hey, the fact that law enforcement, including the fbi, can't help someone until they've been injured is appalling. all i'm saying is it is a drain on the system. emily. last year in denver, a woman was being harassed by her ex-boyfriend. cops knew who he was, but they couldret arst him. we dn't take that case. she was finally granted a restraining order
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right now, i don't care about limited resources. i cannot make that same mistake again. ok. when keri lived intlanta, the initial communication happened at her job. but then they got more personal and started going her home. the first card is likely an anniversary date of sorts. the first time he saw her or the first face-to-face meeting. he actually wrote the date on the card. march 21, 2006. that was a tuesday. ok, so we should loo at other tuesdays, previous months on the 21st, and march of 2005. if we can figure out what this date means to the stalker, it could trace his connection back to keri. prentiss: why the move to maryland? ryan lives here, and my firm just opened an office. the move wasn't because of the stalker, although the police back in atlanta thought it was a good idea.
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but for the first time, i felt that if i looked over my shoulder, no one would be there. we need you to make a list of names. of everyone you know, even acquaintanc, both here and in georgia. don't forget ex-boyfriends or any indiscretions. nothing is insignificant. if i knew what i was doing to make this guy so obsessed, i'd stop. when your paths crossed, something clicked wi him. if you were smiling, he probably thought you were smiling at him. we have no way of knowing what his fantasy is. what we do know is you're the star of it. [knock on door] it's ryan. says it's an emergency. you ok? yeah, they're here now. ryan's at home. there's another rd and a box at the door. tell him not to touch it. we're on our way. ok, so every tuesday, keri's firm has a staff meeting. and it's catered by a lot of different restaurants.
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morgan: what do you see? look at the new photograph keri received in maryland. now look at the old ones from atlanta, the muscle tone has changed. the bicep is far mordefined. also, skin color. he's tan. why do we care if he's lifting weights and out in the sun? well, we're looking at this from a behavioral standpoint. he's making improvements to his appearance and it's likely to impress keri. whatoes her fiance look like? here it is. i appreciate you driving keri home. ever since this guy showed up again, i've been taking her everywhere. would he send something that could hurt me? probably not, but we don't want to take any chances. you really think this guy would do something like that after all this time? at this point, you haven't done anything to provoke him. it's just a pair of earrings. they look like antiques. he says there were his grandmother's.
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he wants to make you a part of his family. ll, we have the back of his head now. he hopes that, uh, you give him a gift soon, too. what does that mean? we should probably get this back to the station and start a trace. you can find him that way? first-class mail's harder to track, but we'll see. officers will be driving by your house periodically lookg for anything suicious. and you have my number if anything happens. we'll call and let you know if we find anything. thank you. his confidence is building, and now he wants something what do you think that is? i don't know. i'm scared about what happens when she doesn't give it to him. is that what my mother said, that he hit her? we haven't spoken to your mother yet, but we understand 's being suggested by her attorney. unbelievable. she's actually blaming him? so you don't believe she was abused? if anyone was abused, it was my father--
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she was a lousy cook. she couldn't do the laundry right. the house was always filthy. hell, she couldn't even grocery shop without some kind of supervision. supervision? she'd get all the wrong things. wrong brands, too much or too little of something. and my father was always patient with her. always. she's just... she isn't... she's not bright. you mean she's mentally challenged? no, i mean she's stupid. this is your mother we're talking about here. no, we're talking about a woman who killed the only real parent we've ever had. our father was kind and gentle and loving. he always had time for us. always. he was at every game, every school event, everything important. and what about your mother? she never went to anything. not once in my whole life. i guess she just couldn't be bothered. so if your father didn't abuse your mother, why did she kill him?
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she was jealous that he loved us more than her. why would she think that? because he said so all the time. come on. let me guess. you don't want me to read? we're gonna fix dinner, and we're gonna do it together. [dog barking] are we gonna pretend there's not some weird guy leaving me presents,oo? what weird guy? [barking] i'll take that as a yes. will you go check on him? . the gate's open. what? brodie? keri derzmond? silver spring p.d. i just saw your dog take off down the street.
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which means someone scaled the fence so they wouldn't be seen. i want you both to go back inside the house and lock the door behind you. i should go look for brodie. keri, we need to go inside. [rapid knocking on door] where is he? is was on your neighbor's lawn. oh... it's ok, it's ok. [dog whimpering] i miss her, too, brodie. [whimpering]
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he starts feeling good about himself, he's gonna find the courage he needs to actually meet her. weharging him with dognapping now, too? taking the dog might not seem like much to you, but itit tells us that he's desperately trying to feel close to her. he was bold enough to break in her backyard. add that to his proven determination and we've got ourselves a serious escalation here. i thought he was justmessin' with her. we had keri put flyers up. we may get him to call toeturn the dog. would he do that? he wants to prove how much he cares. or he won't call if he's jealous of how much attention the dog is getting. if he really believes that he's ready to elimina all of his competition, ryan could be next. you think he's got the guts for a confrontation? he moved here, took brodie. he's not going to let anything get in his way. he cares about keri. maybe he won't hurt her. he hasn't yet. he doesn't want to, but he feels like he's gonna lose her,
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he's been rejected his entire life. to escape, he built a vivid fantasy world in which someone accepted him. me. worst-case scenario-- he gets you alone. in which case it would be important for you to play along with his delusions. you mean like tell him i love him? within reason, do what he wants. by gaining his trust, he'll let his guard down, and that's when you can make your move. you think it could come to that? well, not if we can help it. we're gonna have to comb through your life ever since he's been a part of it. haven't we already done that? we're talking about each and every moment for the last 2 years. the answer could be in themallest detail. ok. the perfect family. two mattresses. that's less intimate. she passed the murder weapon every day.
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i can't see anything out of place. look. even the hangers are uniformly spaced. and the shoes. i bet if we measured, they'd be almost perfect. the kids obviously adopted thr father's skewed perspective of their mother. rossi: the family that abuses together... you know, i thought it was just the angle of the crime scene photos. there's obviously something missing. the rest of the blood. somebody cleaned up. this man's an incompetent suitor seeking intimacy with woman unavailable to him. he thinks he's courting his soul mate who in reality is a total stranger to him. he's making some physical improvements. but even if he's able to get enough confidence together to speak to keri, she'd find it more like talking to a 12-year-old boy. a very dangerous one. his obsession has heightened, as indicated by his followg her to maryland
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he writes instead of calls, which could mean that he's afraid of how he'll sound. he might be less educated or have some sort of physical sue, like a speech impediment. he wouldn't have written march 21, 2006, in that first letter if that date didn't actually mean something to him. it could be the first time he saw her at the ba or the movies. i mean, the possibilities are endless. their paths crossed somewhere in atlanta, he followed her. so we need to focus on what she's doing here and how she's living. he's watching. his move here means that he's committed, and unless he's caught, he'll never bre that commitment. yet if he perceives that she has... we all know domestic disputes can be some of the most violent. and there's nothing el pending? no, no, it's ok. um, we'll be back tomorrow. i'm gonna need the rest of you back then as well. ok. thanks. they're working on a single stalker case? mm-hmm. all of them? mm-hmm. jj seems pretty passionate about it.
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they all look pretty happy. happiness is easy to fake when you only have a split second. you should see how many happy-looking photos i have of me with my exes. were you ever happy in any of your marriages? i don't know. maybe. maybe not. if i was, i can't remember. i'm not sure if me and the idea of being married is a good mix. you kept trying. well, i didn't have any kids. what do you mean? well, i mean i might have tried harder if there were children involved. i tried. hotch. i gave absolutely everything to... haley and jack and my job.
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yeah. you're right. but it doesn't mean that i am any less committed... or try any less hard for my son. hey, hotch, what the hell do i know? the only people i've ever made happy were divorce lawyers. [sighs] well, we've got 4 failed marriages between us. we're experts at something. where does it all go wrong? everybody has their breaking point. ur wife reached hers. mm. jj, i'm used to doing this to america's most creepy, but digging through keri's life like this


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